Monday, May 30, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Polish Collection

I initially found the PotC because there was an advertisement in my cosmo. Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it. My polish collection at the time had zero pastels, now it has six, and two shatters!
Without Flash
With Flash

First color, from left to right:

Skull and Glossbones. This is a really interesting white nude color. It looks like newspaper, and I plan to use it to try out newspaper nails.

Steady as She Rose. The magazine advertisement showed this color as a light pink. It's not as pink as all that. As you can see in the pictures, it's a very very light pink, with a lot of murky white in it. It's almost a grey with very light dusty pink in it.

Sparrow Me the Drama. This color came out pretty true to the advertisement color. It's a darker pink with a little bit of a dustiness to it.

Planks a Lot. This color is darker than the advertisement shows, but is still a gorgeous purple shade.

Stranger Tides. I'm not too hot on this color. It's a very murky dusty, dull green/yellow.

Mermaid's Tears. This color is just gorgeous. It's a bright dusty green. It's not as pastel as is shown in the advertisement, but it's still amazing.

Silver and Black shatters.

Ok, So when I got the polishes, I spent FOREVER deciding which one to use first, and went with Planks a Lot, the purple shade. I like it- a lot. The polish is smooth, easy to apply, dries fairly quick, and is just gorgeous.
I topped the purple with the silver shatter. I'm not sure how I feel about the silver shatter. It's really, really pretty, but with these dusty pastel shades, it seems like the silver just covers them up, rather than letting them pop.
Without Flash
With Flash
Ok, forgetting that the camera on my phone is pretty terrible, I just don't think the silver provides enough contrast for the colors in the collection to show through. They seem much better with the black.


  1. i love those colours! def thinking of adding them to my collection. your blogs cool, im following you, follow back? x

  2. they are super cute, especially the planks a lot (I love purple) i think i'll have to buy them next payday:) just started following you, love your blog:)

  3. I just ordered the Pirates collection. I'm in love with mermaid's tear and have been wanting to try it so bad. I agree with you about pastels and the shatter. But I think it would amazing with a bright blue (totally saw that is seventeen or something)