Monday, June 7, 2010

Lippie and car magnet

Well I got both of my packages today and I am very excited to report back. I'll start with the lippie.

It arrived in a cute little box and when I took it out it looked almost exactly like an oversized orange crayon with a cap. *gasp* Orange- what?! Yeah, I ordered joy with looked like a light peach on the site, but when I opened it I was looking at this crazy orange crayon.


Well I decided to give it a chance and it's actually ok. On the skin, it's not nearly as scary orange as it looks:


On my lips it ads some color and really makes them pop while at the same time avoiding the clown look. Now, as for the stain and "6000% moisture" claims... I can't say much about that yet. It did feel a lot more moisturizing when I applied it, but it was a little remniscent of a lipstick. The moisture stayed and was fairly good for awhile, but I applied it about 45 minutes ago, and while my lips aren't dry-dry, they do feel a little dusty, so a gloss is going to be necessary when using this. All in all, I like it and will order more- maybe their light pink next.

Ok! Now the magnet! I am super, super excited about this! I got it today and am really impressed. It came in a pretty large box and when I opened it up, the magnet was carefully wrapped in saranwrap and then taped to the inside of the box to keep it from bouncing around and possibly damaging the corners. Once I (finally) got it free of it's wrappings, I was shocked. For the price I paid, I was kind of expecting a piece of paper that had been printed on, cut out, and then glued to a magnet. That is sooooo NOT what I got, and I'm really grateful. Instead, I got a wonderfully durable feeling and heavy duty magnet that appears to have had the images printed directly onto it's surface. While I am mildly dissapointed with the pixelation of the picture on it, I'm not surprised. I gave them a small picture- blowing it up that big it was bound to pixel some. Anywho- the magnet is pretty sturdy and attaches well to my truck(and fridge-lol) I'm not concerned about loosing it on the freeway or in the city.


Yeah.... I am really impressed with this magnet, and excited about using it come blizzcon. And I totally refer anyone who is interested in their very own magnet to go check out the folks at They have a pretty awesome customization process that is incredibly user friendly, and shipping options for everyone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

More sunscreen... and a lippie

So I had to order some more of my sunscreen cause the current bottle seems to be getting a little bit low. Seeing as it's not exactly something I can go to my local store for I ordered it through sephora, and while I was there, I decided to grab a Tarte lip stain as well. I don't normally go for stains because they're really drying on my lips, and considering that I live in the desert it would be even worse, but this one claims to be uber moisturizing. I also read a few reviews that back up it's claims of being moisturizing. So I grabbed one of those in the color "Joy".

Those two items should be here sometime next week and I'm super excited to try out the new lippie. I think I'll be pairing it with a gloss, just to cover the hydration issue. There are a couple at MAC that I want to try it with, but I guess MAC changed their system or something, because they no longer deliver out to where I am, so I have to go to the store. BUT! Luckily I'm going to be down in the area of the closest MAC store next weekend, so I'm gonna stop in and grab the glosses I wanna try out. They might even have the firecracker eyeshadow, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up about that.

Anywho- I'll post a review on the lip stain as soon as I get it and try it a couple times.