Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The dress- found it

Found the dress, finally. Exact match, color and style.



I'm very excited, because the dress is relatively inexpensive- only 160.00. After I make my car payment this month, I may save up to get it. I don't have a LDB yet, and would love to have this in my closet.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Katherine Pierce Masquerade Dress

So after hunting for AGES for the dress that Katherine was wearing in the masquerade episode and coming up with nada- someone else from coolspotters finally found it. Here it is:

Adrianna Papell Strapless dress for only 158.00.

Unfortunately, I can only seem to find it in that champaign color. BUT. I came across another site that has some pretty close alternatives.

Here's one- This is really close, but the lace is a different pattern, and the neckline is different. But still, this dress is incredibly cute and sexy, and only costs 68.60.

I'm still gonna keep my eyes out for a black version of the one I want.