Friday, May 6, 2011

MAC Prep+Prime SPF50

So I grabbed this product recently to try it out- here's my initial impressions.

I tried it the second I got it. Once I opened the package, I washed my face, and then applied only it to see how it felt. So far.... it's not too bad. Very light feeling on my skin. When I touch my face however(I know I'm not susposed to- oils and whatnot from hands can increase likelyhood of pimples) I can feel... something. I dunno. It's not a greasy feeling, and no grease comes away on my fingers... it's kinda, "balmy" feeling. Thats the best I could think of to describe it. It feels kinda like there's a very thin layer of a balm of some kind on my skin. But, if I don't touch my skin, it feels fantastic. I can't even tell it's there at all- no odor, it doesn't show in the mirror.

It was kindof difficult to spread, the formula isn't nearly as thin as what I normally work with. But so long as I dot it around enough, then I can spread the dots around fairly well.

The bottle is... hard. It's like, really hard. I've read a bunch of reviews where peopl have to cut of end off the bottle and scrape the product out and into another container to use all the product. But if the product itself is good enough, I'm prepared to do that.

The worst thing about it is the price. It's 30.00 for a 1 fl ox bottle. That's *really* expensive. But. Considering that I use two expensive face products daily, and that product acts as three, when I break down the math, this may be a better deal. I've got to go and break down the math.

So that's my initial impression- I'll do a more detailed review in a few weeks.

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