Monday, May 16, 2011

Inglot eyeshadow review and swatches!

I've been talking about doing this review for awhile, but was so busy with work I didn't get the chance to swatch, use, play with the shadows, and put together a decent review. Well, I have today off and am finally writing the review.

I first heard about Inglot at this video on amarixe's youtube channel and I wanted to try them. I did some more research, and saw that they got a ton of great reviews from a lot of people- makeup artists and regular consumers alike. That got me really excited. A lot of the time, high end makeup that meets the standards of artists is just so expensive(IE- MAC) The quality is awesome, but it's just too expensive for regular consumers. So when I heard about Inglot and checked out their webpage, I was totally shocked by how low the prices are.

Inglot has a system called the freedom system- you can choose a pallet, and then choose colors to go in it (think MAC pallets and their refills) Whats so awesome about Inglot's system is that their eyeshadows are HUGE(2.7 grams each!) and their prices are really affordable. And, the more shadows you purchase, the more affordable they get.
  • 1 eyeshadow= 7.00 usd
  • 3 eyeshadows= 5.00 usd
  • 10 eyeshadows= 4.50 usd
The pallets list prices are kind of expensive, but when I made my order, the prices for both a 20 pallet and a 10 pallet were lowered to just 5.00 each. That's a whole pallet for the price of one eyeshadow. So yeah, their prices are just awesome. It's incredibly affordable for a high quality product, and because of all the rave reviews, I had no hesitation about making a large order from them. I ordered one 20 pallet, one 10 pallet, and 20 colors.

So far, I've only been able to use a few of the colors, but wow, they're just beautiful and incredibly smooth and buttery. and So, so, so pigmented and dimensional. The colors themselves come out pretty close to the color in the pan, but there are a few that will surprise you, so be sure to swatch them when you get them.

I went ahead and swatched all the colors I got and here are my swatches. The pictures were taken outside in the sun. Some of the colors aren't quite the same in the pictures are they are in person. Possibly because I'm using a cameraphone instead of a real camera. Please forgive the second picture having kinda sloppy swatches. I was going to do them both on my left arm, but there were a couple colors I honestly couldn't get out of the primer side of my swatches. *glances at arm* Yeah... The colors are still there.

Anyways! Here are my swatches:

From this arm I had primer on the top half of the swatches and none on the bottom half..... 352 I have been using as a kind of a highlight color. It's matte, so not very shimmery, but still adds a decent amount of pop to my eyes and helps me look more awake. 46 is a more shimmery highlight. 397 has been getting a lot of use as an allover color for me, but turned out to be a bit too shimmery for work. I haven't really used 407 yet, but after swatching it I'm thinking it's going to get a LOT more use. It's one of those that's not very true to pan color. In the pan it's kind of a shimmery muddy copper looking color, but on my swatch it's not muddy at all. 74 and 72 had to be built up to the pigmentation on my arm. It's not that the color itself wasn't pigmented, but they spread out a bit more powdery and so didn't spread onto the skin as well as the other colors, which are more buttery.

For this arm, primer is on the bottom half of the swatches. I've only really used the 399 from this set of swatches. Very pretty, but again, a bit too shimmery for work. 440 is another of those colors that's not very true to pan color. In the pan it's a light purple, like a light pastel. On the swatch its very light, much lighter than in the pan. It couple probably work as a highlight on a purple eye look. 63 had to be build up a bit to the pigmentation on my arm. Again, it went on a bit more powdery. Of all the colors that I purchased, if I had to pick one that I was totally unimpressed with, it would have to be 63. The color in the swatch is built up, and as you can see, it's just very.... sheer for a black.

As you can see from the swatches, primer doesn't really make too much of a different as far as pigmentation goes. Primer does however, affect how long it will remain crease-less and how easily it can be removed. On both arms, the non primer side wiped off easily with one or two swipes of a cottonball with my eye makeup remover. On the primer side.... It took some scrubbing. The lighter colors came off without a lot of a struggle, but a few of the darker colors are still there, several cottonballs and 5 minutes of scrubbing later.

All in all, I am officially a convert, will be buying more pallets and colors, and would recommend inglot to anyone without hesitation. If you're looking for a high end eyeshadow and don't to pay a high end price, Inglot is the way to go.

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