Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sephora package

Ok, so my package from sephora finally arrived. They ship by usps and I guess they take longer than normal. Anyways. It arrived!

Inside was the sunscreen, some sunless tanner that had pretty good reveiws, and three samples.
Just as a note- sephora Always sends samples with Every order! They've got a page of like, 15 random samples, and you get to choose 3 of them when you place your order. No extra charge or anything.

I have tested out the sunscreen, and here's my initian review: It comes in a really cute bottle with a snap top. The bottle seems a bit small at first, but once I opened it and saw the texture I realized that this should last me a really long time. The texture is very thin, esp for a spf of 60. The thin texture is pretty nice for spreading. It does feel a little "powdery" as it dries, but not in an unpleasant way. The powder feel does Not turn into a powder look, it just feels a little powdery to my hands. There is absolutely No sheen to this sunscreen, its not shiney or greasy or wet when it dries. It does smell. Not like sunscreen either. Its a lot more of a perfume smell.
Now, I know that shiseido claims that you need to get their special face wash to remove this(it is VERY water resistant) but I didn't order it because I figured it was a gimmick. And I was right. It came off of a test patch on my arm with just my regular face wash.

Next item is the sunless tanner. That I have not tested yet because I had read reviews stating that it had a really string smell and I am at work. I'll be trying it this weekend and I'll put an update here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAC package

My mac package arrived today-yay! I tried everything as soon as I opened it and here are my initial opinions:

The lip conditioner is amazing. It makes my lips soft and smells fantastic. The color, which I was a little concerned about, is very sheer and turns out very nice. A light pink nude shade that is a very little bit glossy and enhances my natural color and adds a little bit of shine. Its not thick or heavy and doesn't "run" down onto my skin like some do. My lips are normally very chapped and just using it for the few hours that I have I can tell the difference. A lot of the reviews I read didn't like that it was in a pot- I personally love pots. I like knowing exactly how much I'm putting on, and with my finger I can also feel exactly where its going on.

Next is the suntints liquid lip balm. I tried that right after applying the conditioner and I love that also. Its a very "rich" feeling gloss, not really thick, but definitely more substance to it than the conditioner. I loved how it felt and looked on top of the conditioner. Again- an absolutely amazing smell.

Third is the fix+. I'm not so keep about the smell. Its not a bad smell, but, I dunno. Its not entirely pleasant like a bunch of the reviews raved about. The spray is weird and will take some getting used to, to ensure even application. It does feel nice, like the mist from a sprinkler on a summer day. I'll have to use it longer to be able to provide a review on benefits and this "dewy" look that everyone raves about.

Last is the mascara(zoom lash) I dunno. I wasn't too impressed on my initial use. It seemed a bit difficult to apply and refused to go on even. Whatever. Ill give it a week or so to decide.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Packages enroute

I ordered a few things and they're enroute. The first package is from MAC. I ordered them like, a week and a half to two weeks ago, but because of the storms out there, it's taking them quite a bit to ship me my stuff. The second package is one from sephora.


-Zoom lash in lofty brown

-Tinted lip conditioner spf 15 pot in petting pink

-Suntints spf 20 lip balm in pink tinge



-Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60

-Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube 


-Zoom Lash in Black

-Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Moisturizer

-Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette

-Zirh Clean


Those should both be arriving sometime next week. Now, most of the items I have heard and read Great reviews on, specifically the sunscreen, fix+, sunless tanner, and the lip conditioner. A couple of the items I got pretty much to try out, and hope that they work good. I do know that mac always seems to get fantastical reviews, so I always expect really high quality stuff from them. And sephora sends out TONs of free samples and free shipping with their stuff. I'm really excited to get all that stuff and try it out. yay!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I really want to try their sunscreen. I hear sooo many good reviews about it. And they have a powder, too. To use with or seperate from the sunscreen, I'm not sure. However, I would like to get a sample size to try first, before buying one of their big bottles.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

shopping this weekend

This weekend I'm planning to go to the mac store down in rancho cucamonga and get some things. Gonna look at a couple lip products, and then pick up some Fix+, an eye kohl, some MSF, and a brush or two. Maybe just one. I'm also thinking about a few refill pans in different colors. I called mac today and they said they were gonna be selling empty palettes soon. So if I get just the pans I can get the palette later and just drop them in.

As for colors- I'm looking at some pinks, a purple, and then a darker brown and also a black. Well. The brown isn't that dark. Its like a medium.

Anyhow, gotta go!