Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeup Organization

Organizing makeup is no easy feat. When you first start collecting, sure, it's easy then. Owning just a couple lipsticks, a mascara, and a blush makes organizing simple. But as your collection grows, a little wire basket no longer suffices. And some collections, as though watered with miracle grow, just keep outgrowing organizers bought for them.

My current collection is rapidly approaching that point, so I thought I'd do a quick blog on how I organize it. I am completely open to suggestions, and will be doing another "after" blog once I redo it.

Ok, so by the numbers:
  1. This little drawer stack holds all my hair accessories- ties, pins, headbands, clips. The little wooden box on top of it holds jewelery that I don't wear. Well, wear often.
  2. This is a nice little jewelery tree that I picked up in a store in the mall.... claires or some such similar store. In front of this is my inglot 20 pallet.
  3. My brushes. There's two little jars. The front one holds all my sigma brushes, and a blush brush from another collection. The back one holds just a bunch of other brushes that I don't use too often, but can't get rid of.
  4. Cotton squares, cottonpads, and Q-tips. On the left of that is my bikini's and a bunch of makeup bags that I throw stuff in when traveling.
  5. Perfumes and my MAC loose powder and kabuki.
  6. Various skin and hair products.
  7. Nail polish. In the back of this drawer is also a bunch of random stuff- a empty inglot pallet, some plastic brush protector things for traveling, other small odds n ins.
  8. Lip products. I'm constantly looking for a HG lippie. This drawer holds all the ones that I've tried. If I truly hate something that I try, I just get rid of it. It doesn't go in the drawer.
  9. Eyeshadow and face products. I have a ton of eyeshadows in here, a couple blushes, mascaras and liners, and a few foundations. But mostly just eyeshadows.

And that's it! Unfortunately, my drawers are filling up, and leaving me with no room to put more stuff! So I am looking for a new storage solution. I would love to get something pretty, but I'll more likely end up going with something utilitarian and trying to decorate it.


  1. I love the way your organize! My things are just scattered throughout my room :(