Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sephora Haul- Tarte True Blood

It has been so long since I last wrote- I am so sorry!

So this last friday I was down in San Diego and had the opportunity to go and hit up sephora. I had read about Tarte's True Blood products, but I wasn't sold enough to just grab them online. Well, I'll take that back. I knew I was going to get the eyeshadow palette. It's what- 17 shades for 50 dollars? I'm terrible as math, but that's really good, especially given the variety of shades in the box.

But I wasn't quite sure about the lip stain and the cheek stain. I swatched them both in the store and while I bought the lip stain, I had to leave the cheek stain behind. Granted- it was a beautiful color. But it was also just so, so, so glittery. Even the little tiny swatch on my hand there was so much glitter. It's just not something I would have ever used. Had there been no glitter I would have picked it up in a heartbeat. I don't have any tarte cheekstains, but I'm probably going to invest in one some day just because I liked the color of the swatch so much.

I don't have swatches of the colors yet because.... Well. I haven't done anything more than open the box. It's just so pretty I don't want to use them yet. It's like those deserts that are so beautiful you can barely bring yourself to eat them. I feel the same about this palette. It's absolutely gorgeous. There's all the shadows on the top with a decent sized mirror, and then a little slide out drawer on the bottom. A note about the drawer: It has a little red plastic piece in there holding the liner, mascara, and primer in place, but you can remove that red piece, and toss more stuff in that little drawer. I actually put the lip stain in there to keep the whole collection together.

I did mention that I decided to buy the lipstain. I only have one or two other lipstains, one even by tarte, and I just haven't been impressed by them. But the color of the swatch was really nice in the store, so I decided to buy it and give them another shot. I haven't used it enough yet to give a good review.

I'll try to get swatches and pictures up later this week.