Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haul- MAC, Inglot, Sephora

OK, before I get started, I thought I would let you all know a little about how I shop. I shop mostly online, through recommendations. I watch a lot of videos, and when I see something I like and want to try, I put said item(s) in my basket and wait, usually about a week. That week gives me time to think and consider and decide if the item is really something that I can see myself using. Sometimes I'll see something great in a video and I'll be like "OMG! That's Awesome!" but in reality, it's not something that I would do or wear. My eyebrows are a good example of this. I don't do anything except getting them waxed, pluck the strays, and use my fingers to groom them the direction I want them to go. So while I'll see really great eyebrow tutorials, brow products just aren't something I would sit down and use enough to make the purchase worth it. If, at the end of the week(ish) waiting period, it's still something that I want and will get use out of, I check my budget(which I'm terrible at sticking to, but I do try) and if it fits, I'll purchase it. If it doesn't fit, I'll just wait till the next month.

As with all things, shopping online has its pros and cons:

  • Because I'm usually after specific items, that's all that I grab. I'm saved from seeing and lusting after everything in the store. You know how grocery stores stack like, 50 types of gum right at the register? It's cause they want you to buy some gum. Even if you don't need it, you see it sitting there and you're like "oh, well I might get around to using it" even if you already have a pack in your purse. And so you buy more than you intended.
  • I don't spend gas money. My closest Sephora is about 150 miles away. MAC, the same distance. LUSH, about 200 miles. A decent mall, 68 miles. Gas where I am is currently 4.09. I'm saving a ton of gas money. And I don't end up spending that gas money on shipping, because I can usually find sales and coupons online that will eliminate shipping.
  • Coupons. gets a lot of traffic from me. I don't carry coupons in my purse, nor do I go coupon hunting in newspapers or elsewhere. BUT. Before I make every online purchase, I check for coupons. I can usually get free shipping, and sometimes get a certain percentage off of the whole sale.

  • Color swatches aren't as accurate online. They just aren't, and that's all there is to say about that.
  • There's not as much people interaction. Sometimes, interaction makes the trip as good as the shopping itself. Not to mention, people watching. So I miss out on a bunch of that.
  • Explaining all the packages to my co-workers. A lot of the companies send through UPS or FEDEX, which has to be shipping to my company and signed for at the front desk. I'm usually never there, so one of my co-workers signs for it. And they're always asking whats in the packages. Well.... One time I told them. They just didn't get "it". Now I tell them crazy things like, 'it's porn magazines" or "I'm ordering part to build a bomb" or something else crazy. And you know whats weird? They're way more accepting of those answers than when I told them the truth. Seriously, what is with THAT?! anyways...

So I've decided that the pros outweigh the cons. When I really absolutely must go to a store, I make sure it's in conjunction with a trip that I've already got planned, so as to save fuel. Gas prices are just crazy.

ok! On to the haul! I ordered a bunch stuff and it started arriving today so I figured I would write this as I got the shipments. By the time I publish it, all the shipments will have arrived and been written about.

2011-05-04_18-51-12_320.jpgFirst up is MAC. I've been buying from MAC for awhile. I just love their packaging and quality. Now, you really do end up paying for that quality. Their prices are crazy! but I really have loved all the purchases that I've made from MAC. Well, most of them anyways. there's a few that I haven't warmed up to and that I just swap away.
  • MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50. This is a sunblock, a primer, and a moisturizer(maybe?) all rolled up into one. Normally, I apply Shiseido's Ultimate sun protection lotion SPF60, then juice beauty's oil-free moisturizer and skip primer altogether just because of the weather out here makes me feel so "ick" about putting on a ton of stuff, and usually I don't have the time while getting ready for work. When I do use primer, it's Too Faced Primed and Poreless. So I got MAC's prep+prime to try out and see how well it did at rolling all three steps into one. I almost started writing a whole initial impression on this and then realized I was doing it, so I stopped. I'll do that in like a week or two. The only thing I cringe about with this product is that it's very pricey. It's like... 30.00 for 1 fl oz. If this product turns out to be awesome, I'll have to do some math and see if it's cheaper or more expensive.
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light. I've always been experimenting with foundations cause I haven't found a HG foundation yet. I've tried a few other MAC foundations as well as their tinted moisturizer and just haven't hit on anything that I really like yet.
  • MAC Paintpot in rubenesque. I already have one of MAC's paintpots in the color bare study. I just love it. It's really creamy, a lovely sheer wash of color, and it acts as an excellent primer. I grabbed this color after seeing a bunch of tutorials using it. The color is kind of bronzey pink and I am so looking forward to using it.
  • MAC CUTiE limited edition 4 eyeshadow pallet. I just really liked the colors. One is a kind of a darker pastel purple, one is a light sheer pastel purple with shimmer, one is a light sheer pastel pink, and the last is a sheer pastel green-white. On swatching, the color payoff isn't as great as I'd hoped, but the colors are very light, airy, spring colors.
  • MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in supremely confidant. I saw this used as the lipstick in a really awesome nude lip video and grabbed it to try out. I really don't like statement lips- I prefer to go with neutrals, so if this color works out for me, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.
  • MAC Lipglass in C-Thru. A nude gloss to go with the lipstick. I forget if this is the same one used in the video or one I grabbed myself.

2011-05-04_18-48-53_101.jpgNext up is Inglot. I've never ordered from them before, but I've heard so much about them. I'm always seeing them in tutorials, hauls, etc and always, always, Always hearing amazing things about them. They're a Polish brand and they have a really amazing system called the "Freedom System". With the freedom system you can pick out of all these different kinds of pallets- there's different eyeshadow pallets, blush pallets, lipgloss pallets. By different I mean you can get like, two eyeshadows, or four, or five, or ten, or twenty. And you can choose between square or round eyeshadow pans. And in the actual stores you can get a pallet that mixes shadows and blushes and glosses so one pallet will have like, five eyeshadows, two blushes, and two lipglosses. Anyways. So after you choose what pallet you want, you get to go through and select the shades to put in it. They have a HUGE selection of colors and finishes. I think there's five(don't quote me) different eyeshadow finishes, and a couple hundred different colors(again, don't quote me!)

Beyond just having a massive variety, their prices are very affordable, and they go down the more you buy. I know that's just a trick to get you to buy more, but the shadows are seriously inexpensive. One MAC eyeshadow refill costs 11.00 and has 1.5 grams of product in it. One Inglot shadow costs 4.50 and has 2.7 grams of product in it. So you might be thinking that the quality of Inglot sucks to get the prices so low? Not so. The quality is retty awesome. I haven't used them on my eyes yet, but I did go through and swatch a few of the colors I grabbed. The color is really intense and vibrant and gorgeous. So gorgeous. I cannot wait to use them. Oh! And another comparison! A MAC empty 15 pallet will put you back 15.00. The Inglot 20 pallet says it's 25.00 on the store, but once you get all your eyeshadows to fill it, the price drops down to 5.00. I really loved that.
  • Inglot 20 square eyeshadow pallet. I kinda needed a spot to put the eyeshadows. The eyeshadow pallet is really unique, too. My MAC pallets feel, honestly, really cheap next to these. The MAC ones are plastic, with a hinge top. they're plain black. These Inglot ones Incredibly sturdy. I wouldn't drop them on purpose, but if I did, the shadows might crack, but I have complete confidence that the case wouldn't. the lid is also unique. It's a clear frosted sheet the size of the bottom that has INGLOT printed diagonally across it, and it has four magnets, one on each corner. The magnets are fairly strong and hold the lid in place with no problem. in fact, the way to remove the lid is not to yank it up, because of the magnets, but instead you're supposed to slide the lid off.
  • Inglot 10 square eyeshadow pallet. The price on the 10 also dropped to 5.00, so I grabbed one of those as well. It's sitting empty at the back of my nail polish drawer right now, but I'm sure it'll get filled soon enough. I may pull my favorites from the 20 pallet and throw them into the 10.
  • 20 square eyeshadows. Normally, when making a first purchase of a new brand, there is no way I would make it such a large purchase. However. Because of all the rave reviews and positive feedback, I was completely confidant in making this purchase. I'm not going to list all the colors right now because... well, there's a lot. I'll be making a review later and I'll talk about all the different colors then. Honestly, based off of just swatches, pricing, and reviews, I can see myself switching from MAC to Inglot for all my future eyeshadow purchases.

And last for this haul is Sephora. I usually hit sephora for odds and ends. Various things. They have a huge brand list and consequentially, a huge product list, so I can usually find whatever I'm looking for directly on their page. And they give free samples!
  • I grabbed two nail polishes from sephora. First is a deep bright purple with a little bit of an iridescence called Just a Little Dangerous. The second polish is more of a topper. Not a topcoat, but between the second coat of color and the topcoat. It's a clear polish with a TON of different sized copper flakes in it and it's called Traffic-Stopper copper. I cannot WAIT to try it out. I just did my toes yesterday, but I might have to redo them sooner than normal to try out this polish, because it is just so pretty.
  • NARS blush in Deep Throat. I got their Orgasm blush awhile ago and loved it, so when I started seeing hot reviews on Deep Throat, I figured I'd grab it as well.
  • Benefit 10 box. It's a box that has bronzer and highlighter in it right next to each other. The idea is that you use the brush provided, sweep across both colors, then onto the cheek to contour. I haven't done any contouring, always afraid that I would jack it up. Then Blair did a video guide on it, it seemed pretty foolproof, so I thought I'd pick it up and give it a shot.
  • Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF15 in Desert Rose. I saw this in a guide and wanted to try it. I put it on right out of the box and so far, not too bad. I like lip products, I do. I just don't like feeling them on my lips. This is one that I'm not really feeling, but at the same time it gave me some color. We'll see how it goes, and I may be writing a review on this later.
  • Benefit BAD Gal Liner in extra black. This is probably one of those products along the line of my brow product rant at the very top. I do use liners, but I use gel liners to tightline, and that right there is my HG of lining my eyes. I'm not sure how I'm going to work this product into some use.
  • Samples! I don't normally list my samples, but I'm kind of excited about a couple of them so I thought I would. The Body Shop Mango body butter, Carols Daughter Rosemary Mint purifying shampoo and conditioner, Benefit Girl meets Pearl, and Clinique pore refining solution correcting serum.

And that's it! Really big haul, I know. I'll be writing reviews on a bunch of the products.

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