Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soooo craving an organizer

I'm desperately wanting an organizer for my nail polish. Right now, I don't have an organizer, and so they're all lined up on my vanity in front of my mirror. By color, so there's a little bit of organization. But nearly every night, I jerk awake to my cat skidding across the vanity and smashing into them. Nail polish flying everywhere.

So I want an organizer. First, I googled nail organizers, and they're kindof expensive. Not to mention- they're very.... boring. They're not fun or nice looking. There's no personality.
I was thinking about it more, and it suddenly hit me! I should make my own! All I'll need is some wood, screws, a wood cutter, and maybe some paint. I'm thinking along the idea of a spice rack type thing.

Here's an idea:

I don't know exactly how many polishes I have, but for sure I'll need more than what's on there. I have an idea to put like... a picture wall hanger type thing on the back and hook it to a wall so the cat can't knock it over.
I'm also thinking to put some artistic cutouts on the back piece and possibly side pieces and then paint the edges of the cutouts to make it pretty.

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