Saturday, May 14, 2011

Big Haul next week

I've ordered a TON of stuff, and pretty much all of it will be coming in next week, so I'm super excited! I'll wail till it all gets here and do another haul post.

I think that I'm the most excited about the nail polishes that I ordered. I saw a magazine advertisement about the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides nail polish collection and completely fell in love with all the colors. I decided to order the whole collection for a couple reasons:
  1. I don't have any pastels in my collection. None at all. This collection is gonna give me 6 pastels, and they're all so pretty!
  2. They're all so pretty!!! I looked up a bunch of swatches, and I love all the colors. They look especially good with the silver crackle over them, which I ordered as well. I also thought that they would look great with the black crackle, so I grabbed that, too. 
I just love the colors and am sooo excited to expand my collection.

Oh yeah, and I ordered a little minisize set of the polishes that I think I'm gonna do a giveaway with once I hit like... 50 or 100 subscribers.


  1. Hi there! I read in your about me section that you love the vampire diaries too! On my blog I like doing tv show reviews and I just did one on the finale of vampire diaries and predicted what I think will happen in the next season. It would be so sweet if you could check it out!
    BTW I am excited to see your haul (:

  2. Can't wait!

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