Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eat according to your stomach.... not according to your plate.

This is something that bugs me but that I haven't really talked about too much. It's a little too long for just a facebook post, too, so I thought I'd put it here.

Anyways. Serving sizes. When you're at home, you can always measure out your serving sizes for what you're gonna eat, right? Well. Sometimes. I got this sandwich bread and all the makings and this bread is huge. I end up with a sandwich that I only want to eat half of because it's so massive and I get full halfway through. But then I'm stuck with this half of an unfinished sandwich. it's not like I can throw it in the fridge because then it'll get all soggy and gross. But it's not just sandwiches! I got myself a can of spaghetti-O's and again, was full halfway through. A lot of the time, I do manage to save the leftovers of meals for later, but who really likes eating macaroni for four days straight?

Ok, now forget about eating at home. Say you go out to a restaurant. Fast food, maybe. Granted, they kinda toned down on their sizes since that movie, Supersize Me, came out but generally the whole thing is too big a meal anyways, with your burger, side, and drink and some of it always invariably ends up getting thrown away because it's just fast food. It's not like you're gonna take half a cheeseburger and some fries home and microwave them for later.

Moving on to higher end restaurants. The meals are freekin HUGE! I went to the cheesecake factory once for lunch and ordered a nice pasta dish. It was delicious. It was also enough pasta to feed about two to four people. The plate it was on was essentially a wide shallow bowl because there was so much pasta and they filled that bowl and then piled it up. Most restaurants will get you a take-home baggie when you ask, but really, why are they even serving us this much? Why not just offer a smaller size with a smaller price?

America gripes and whines about obesity, but in reality, we're doing it to ourselves. Somewhere along the line it got engrained into us that we had to clean our dishes before leaving the table. Somewhere else on that same line, we all decided that bigger was better and we've got all these gigantic plates and bowls. And not only are we making ourselves fat trying to clean our massive plates of every crumb of food, but when we literally can't get another bite in for fear of simply bursting open, we invariably end up throwing it away. Forget about obesity, what about all the people who are hungry because of the economy and whatnot? All that food we don't eat could be going to soup kitchens or food pantry's, but instead, it's going in the garbage.

It's just frustrating to me. When I finally get my own place, I'll be getting small dishes, so that I automatically give serving sizes that I can finish. Nobody likes to put food on a plate and have the plate mostly empty. But if I have small dishes, then the plate will look fuller. Kindof a mind trick. If the small dish doesn't give me enough to eat, then I can always get seconds, which is better than filling a big dish and not finishing, imo.

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