Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peep Toe Boots

Ok. I'm sorry. But who the hell came up with that idea? I've seen them on celebs, and on regular people.... and I really don't know how they get the courage to walk out the door. In my opinion, it's a terrible, horrible fad. You either wear cute little peep toe heels, or you wear boots. Combining the two does not work. It defeats the purpose of the boots. Little booties with a peep toe I can almost get past, but then I see full on boots with that little cutout and it's just hideous. To make matters worse, there are also boots with both the toe and the heel cut out. Seriously- what is that?!

Rant done.

Moving on-

I did my very first coolspotters spot the other day, and liked bringing that shoe to other fans so much

that now I'm hunting for another shoe to spot. It's not really a shoe that I would wear, but I would love to help other people rock Katherine's fashion.

I also grabbed another piece of Vampire Diaries jewelry- Katherine's bracelet. Can't wait for

it to arrive!

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