Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bath Bombs!

So I've never used one before, but I've been liking the rest of LUSH's stuff so far and since they have a really large inventory of bath bombs, and those all seem to get great reviews, I thought I'd try out a couple bath bombs. Now, I gather the concept is to drop the bomb into the bath as it's filling, and it's supposed to disintegrate into the water and make the bath absolutely epic, while at the same time making the skin super soft and yummy smelling. We'll see. I got these all and since they were kinda expensive for one use items, I'm gonna open them all and cut them down.

Initial Impressions!

Mmm Melting Marshmallow Bath Melt -ok. This isn't quite a bomb, it's a melt. Supposed to have oils and moisturizers in it. On opening it, it smells really sweet, like strawberries. And some vanilla. And marshmallows. I put it on my little cutting board and cut it down and... well, the product feels powdery. It cut ok, but it kinda crumbled at the same time. Anywho. It smells fantastic, and left a sugar sweet smell on my hands after handling. In addition to all the tasty smells of strawberry, vanilla, marshmallow, and sugar... I feel like I'm detecting a hint of the Fairy godmother Soap scent. Anywho- Moving on.

Mrs Whippy - Uhm. This is way more powdery than the other one. It's uhm.... Like powdered sugar. very fine powder. It arrived and the outside shell had kindaof already crumbled away pretty badly. In the picture you see a white swirl... well thats just a soft outside shell. Inside is a harder pink Ball. I tried to cut this one down and couldn't the outside just crumbled away, and the inside was incredibly hard. The smell... Sort of a sweet baby powder, with strawberry and a hint of cinnamon. There's kindof a smokey, almost musky scent to it, but not overwhelming like some more mature perfumes.

Blackberry -Woah. ok. I just opened it and sniffed it... It is a MUCH more masculine scent than the other two. The other two were definitely girl bombs, this one could be marketed to boys. It's not a hardcore male scent, but definitely not as foufou as the other two. And this one, just like the last one, couldn't cut down. It seems the actual "bomb" part is a incredibly hard ball.

Whipstick - Not a bomb or melt. I've been mixing the double choc and honey trap so much and kept thinking how great it'd be if I mixed them. Well whipstick seemed to be pretty much that- a mix. So i got it to try. I applied it and yeah, it's pretty much a mix of the two. A hint of color, and lots of moisture.


...ok. Time to go take a bath!


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