Saturday, April 16, 2011

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive skin

I got a fairly decent size of this as a sample... Well I tried it today. Just now. and uuuhhhhh....... anyways.

So it says to apply for ten minutes, then rinse. I applied it. After about two minutes I noticed a tingling reminiscent of my allergic reaction to some proactive stuff, and went and checked in the mirror. I then proceeded to freak out and stick my head in the sink to desperately wash it off. My skin where I had applied it had turned bright red. Bright red. No swelling that was noticeable, just really bright red.

A quick browsing of the interwebs turned up that turning red is a fairly common reaction. And that it goes away. A re-read of the box turned up a "IMPORTANT: A mild tingling sensation and slight redness are normal with the Green Apple Peel."

I'll be trying it again later.... Overall, once it was rinsed off and my skin dried... My skin was softer and smoother. If also redder.

Ok. So I waited till the next day, and tried again. Now that I know the redness is normal and not an allergic reaction, I didn't freak out and rinse it all off early. I waited the time limit, rinsed it and moisturized. Skin is soft and smooth. It feels a bit tight, but it's not unbearable.

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