Thursday, April 21, 2011

Escada Taj Sunset review

Ok. First perfume review. I found this nice little gem on a shopping excursion to Sephora. Well, more of a browsing excursion. Anyhow. I was walking down the perfume isle and you know how sometimes you smell a scent that just stops you in your tracks and has you looking around for the source of it? This is one of those scents. I smelled it and was completely stopped in my tracks. And then, being in the perfume isle... I proceeded to go down the isle, smelling each and every bottle in an attempt to find the correct bottle. But, even though I had the right one, I hadn't really budgeted for a perfume, so I put it off.

Then, while at a school, I was in the PX and found it again. I was sooo excited, because I remembered what it smelled like at sephora, and when I tried it again, it didn't disappoint. I ended up purchasing a little 1.0 fl oz bottle.

On to the actual scent. Sephora's webpage describes it like this: "A scent of tropical sensuality, it opens with a burst of citrusy blood orange and the exotic, fruity aroma of the Alphonso mango—the first fragrance to capture this unique note. Next, floral and fruity heart notes emerge, including watery blossom, sweet primrose, and raspberry. The scent lingers on a sexy, beach-inspired base of coconut cream, musky notes, and sandalwood. "

I gotta say, that seems fairly accurate. It is a very fruity smell, but definitely more in the citrus and mango end of the fruit spectrum, without being tart or sour. And, I completely agree with it being a very beachy smell, without smelling like the ocean. It's fantastic, and light, and sweet. I've never had anybody compliment on my perfume before, but with this one, I've gotten multiple compliments and inquiries as to what I'm wearing.

And, rather unfortunately, it appears to be a limited edition scent. It will only be available to purchase during 2011. I know I'll be stocking up.

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