Saturday, April 23, 2011

George Foreman minigrill review

I got a little george foreman grill because I've been wanting some steak, but I can't cook worth a damn. One of my co-workers mentioned that it cooks the meat well while still leaving it juicy and tender. And key- it's easy to use. According to them, all I have to do is throw the meat down on the grill, close the lid, and wait a few minutes.

After a description like that, I had to get one and try it out. I ordered the smallest size off of amazon, which came out to 17.99 plus tax. Fairly reasonable, imo. The picture showed it cooking two nice little steaks, with vegetables. It arrived kinda quick, and I left it in the box until I could go shopping and get some meat.

For my first use, I purchased a set of three little rib eyes and some hickory and brown sugar steak sauce. I also grabbed some pam grille cooking spray since my co-worker mentioned there was a problem with sticking. For the very first steak, I didn't let the meat sit in the sauce, I just slapped it down in a puddle of the sauce, flipped it, spread a bit around the edge, then threw it on the grill for five minutes. While that one was cooking, I sauced up the other two pieces and stuck them in a ziplock baggie, then put that in the fridge for later.

My first steak, when completed with its time, came out a nice color, with neat little grille lines. It ended up looking a little burnt on one end, but didn't taste burned. The sauce didn't really get a lot of time to sink into the meat, so it wasn't exceptionally flavorful, but I could still taste it a bit. The meat was a little(very little!) dry, but my five minute time was a guestimation between the two times in the book: 4-6 minutes for a 3/4 inch steak for medium-well. I went with 5 minutes, and ended up much more well done than I had hoped. I think a little less time will give me the juicy steak I'm looking for. All the grease had drained off, thanks to the slope of the grill.

Cleanup of the grill was actually pretty easy. It comes with a nice little grill sponge cleaning thing, which was effective at pulling off all the juices from the meat and getting off any crusty bits. Right now it's sitting and air drying.

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