Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CC Skye Double Wrap Bracelet & Calypso polish

CK Skye Double Wrap Leather Screw BraceletI ordered this, and it arrived today. I'm really liking it. Very cute and unique. At the 85.00 I paid for it, it was expensive, but not the most expensive piece of jewelry I've purchased. This is also something that I can throw on nearly any of my outfits and it'll work great. It probably wouldn't go too great with something exceptionally girly. On the other hand, maybe it would work, especially if I wore my black heels that have the gold studs all over them.

I also purchased this, and just now got a chance to use it. I did my toes, they're so cute now. The color is kind of an orangey-pink, more orange than pink, with a lot of sparkle. A lot. I love the color, but on my initial use, I kindof wish there was a little less sparkle. I might feel differently in a few days. Another thing I like about this polish is that it dries really fast. That's supernice. I don't feel like it'll smudge when I rack out for sleep. This is my first time using any of perfect formula's polishes and so far it's really great.

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