Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stripper to Go review(june birchbox)

Just a quick review of one of the products I got in my June Birchbox:

Stripper to Go - These are nice little travel nail polish remover mitts. It pretty much looks like a uhm... a little oven mitt, but without the thumb.  Or a tiny little tanning applicator mitt. It's about one and a half to two inches long, and you can put your finger in it, and twist your finger around to remove the polish. When you open it up, the little mitt is in there and it's pretty much soaked with remover. The remover smells like lavender, which is nice.

So I pulled the mitt out, and used it to remove my polish. I had two coats of color, one silver shatter, and a clear coat. The first hand, it did fantastical. The second hand on the first few fingers, it started to slack off. The last couple fingers? I dunno, the mitt seemed to have dried out a bit and it wasn't as effective. BUT! I was able to stick it back in the little packet and pick up more remover that had been left in there, and that cleaned up the last few fingers no problem.

I think that it dried out kinda quick because of the shatter. I think that any glitter or larger particles are going to demand more of the remover, and use up the mitt faster. I think that having normal polish on would get the mitt to last longer.

Ordering these- you get 6 mitts for 12 dollars. Each mitt is a one use thing, so 2 dollars for one use... is a bit expensive. That said, if you're really limited on space when traveling, but you Know that you'll be redoing your polish a lot, then go ahead and get these. They do what they say they will and that's all that really matters. But, if your space isn't limited, or you're not going to be redoing your polish, then don't bother.


  1. That sounds really cool, I never knew there was a product like this!


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