Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feather hair Extensions

I'm not normally one to jump on a bandwagon, but I think I'm gonna at least try these out. Even though work doesn't permit, I think that if I get some muted colors, and place them well, that I'll be able to have them completely hidden while at work, and then style them to show when I'm not at work.
I put myself on a waiting list on one website... Might just grab some from amazon, but I want to make sure to get some good quality feathers.

If anyone already has them- what's your feedback? Also- where did you get them?


  1. I got some before and loved them. But next time i get them I want to put them in myself.

  2. I'm thinking I might just go and get my hair dyed, and then get the extensions at the same time. And ask them for some extra of the clamp thingies to take home, if they'll give them to me.