Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got some Feathers

Friday was.... a horrible day for me. I was originally going to wait until next weekend to go and get my hair done, but after Friday, I needed some pampering. So I called up the place I made my appointment, and the stylist had time for me so I changed my appointment.

I went in, got my hair redyed, with a lot of highlights so I can lighten up the color, since I my color was... close-ish to black. I grabbed a trim, too, just to get rid of any hint of split ends. I didn't really have a lot, because I almost never use any heat with my hair. After all that, I went and started looking at feathers. They didn't have too hot of a selection, but it was good enough. Rather, they had a good selection, but with me being in the military, they didn't really have a good selection of subtle colors. They also didn't have a lot of the grizzle feathers. They had plenty in crazy bright colors, but nothing that I could get.

Oh! Crazy story! So while I was choosing my feathers, I was at the mirror "trying on" a couple different ones, when these try girls came in and bumrushed the feathers laid out on the table, and then tried to snatch the few I had set aside to get(cause they were soooo awesome!) Thankfully, my stylist saw their attempt to ninja my feathers and grabbed them up real quick, telling the girls they were reserved. I ended up with an orangey-red with a solid black line down the center, and a darkened edge, a dark red and black grizzle, and a bright red and black grizzle.

Once I had picked my feathers, my stylist told me about how they would lay on different sides of my face, and the differences between having them forward and having them back and when I picked a spot (part side of my head, about a finger length back from my hairline and three fingers above my temple) and we put em in. They lay nicely, blend well, and if I want them to show more, all I have to do is find the clamp, follow it down with my fingers to get the feathers, and pull the feathers forward.

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