Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm UGLY (Response)

Ok, I wasn't actually tagged with this and I'm not sure it's a tag, but I saw the video, and I've been thinking about it(a lot) and I wanted to write a response to it.

I watch a beauty guru on youtube- meganheartsmakeup. I've watched her for awhile and even though she's really young, she is a genius and I learn a ton from her. She also has a vlog channel and I think her sister has a couple channels as well. So when I saw this video from her, I was shocked because I haven't seen any comments like the ones she says she gets(but I don't really read through all the comments anyways)... I think I was more blindsided than shocked. Anyways, here's the video: I'm UGLY.

So. To make everything short and simple: haters are gonna hate. It's what they do and asking them to stop... Well, it will *Never* work. ever.

Alrighty, now that that's done, I'll move onto the long version.
I grew up with haters, I think that there are haters in pretty much everyones life. Every unpopular kid feels like everyone's hating on them, but the popular kids also have haters. If you've got it all, if you don't have anything, if you're ugly, if you're beautiful, if your rich or if your poor. There is always going to be somebody who hates. Even as an adult, I know they're still out there.
My haters... I can't even remember what they hated on me for. I think it was cause I was short and skinny. I also had really pale skin. And after a nice little experience in cheerleading, I became much more selective about who I hung out with and considered friends. Anyways, I had my haters.

Part of growing up for me was realizing that there was absolutely nothing I could do about those haters. I think that realizing was a huge step, and something everyone with haters needs. When I stopped trying to "fight" them, as it were: stopped caring about whatever they said, stopped worrying about what aspect of my appearance they didn't "approve" of, I gained a whole new perspective. When I stopped putting so much energy into the haters, I discovered a freedom I didn't have before and in a sense, found my identity. I was able to do what I wanted, and love myself for it and because of it. Being free of the haters has given me the confidence to really being able to do anything that I want. I can take whatever it is the haters don't like about me, and turn it around into a reason that I'm awesome.

To make this kindof like hers, turning the negative into positive, Imma add this little bit at the end:
Short --> Petite. Granted, it make getting stuff off the top shelf a bit exciting, but being short means I get to rock great heels and not have to worry about being tall than my date.
Skinny --> Thin. There are people who pay thousands and thousands of dollars to look like they have the metabolism that I was blessed with.
Pale --> Creamy. Ok, Yeah, I just bought some self tanning stuff to experiment with. But still, nothing wrong with having pale skin. Plus, with all the vampy movies and tv shows that are so hot, my skin is the new Tan. My skin is so in.
Bitch --> Strong. Yes, I am. I do my job, I do it fantastically, and I don't get messed with. I can handle myself on my own time, and I certainly carry myself in such a way that I am not a target for any shenanigans.

(omg, I just now realized this is crazy long) Anyways, if you feel like it, go ahead and tell me about your haters, and why you're awesome.

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  1. I was blog surfin then stopped by your old sweet blog :).

    You are beautiful kate :). Dont'stop believing that. You wrote something inspirational for me. I watched some of megan's videos too and I love her vids. I do agree with your post though. I actually think that, having haters means they are INSECURE of you :). Turn negative into positive as you said it. I do feel the same way too. Having these kinds of negativism will even encourage you what people thinks you have THE MOST POTENTIAL that same exact reason why they HATE YOU because they WANT TO BE EXACTLY LIKE YOU, gurl ;)

    You're awesome and stay pretty as always.

    I followed your blog.