Monday, June 20, 2011

St Tropez Review and Lotion Vs. Mousse

A couple weeks ago I caved and purchased a couple things from StTropez: Their gradual tan lotion, and their self tan mousse. This is just gonna be a review, and then a comparison of those two products.

Overall, St Tropez is going to come in at the very top of all the sunless tanning products that I've used. In general, I've only used drugstore products, and I've tried them all. Maybe not literally, but it feels like it. All my drugstore attempts to self tan have turned me... orange. Orangey, orangish, whatever. I was always tinted an orange color. Some of them left me crazy streaky as well, but overall, they all left me orange.

St Tropez has an AMAZING color! It's a lovely brown color. Not muddy brown, but a very nice golden brown that makes it look like your skin is naturally tanned. I'm normally pasty white, and both products gave me a nice amount of color, and looked natural. And it's not even close to orange.

The smell.... Ok, I know that St Tropez is all "we have aroma guard! you can't smell the fake tan smell!" Well, I can smell it. If you're not overly sensitive, you'll probably just notice the light floral scent of the product. If you're sensitive, you're gonna smell it. In general, because of the smell, I would only recommend applying before sleep. I wouldn't wear either of these out.

Lasting power. They both last a few days, but obviously require upkeep as your skin sheds.

Buy again? omg, YES! These products might be more expensive than the drugstore brands, but the amazingly natural color makes it totally worth it. I personally prefer the mousse, but will use the lotion on lazy days.

Lotion vs. Mousse
Ok, I was going to do a side by side comparison, but I can't figure out how to do columns. Whatever. Anyways:

Everyday Gradual Tan for Body:
The lotion was incredibly easy to apply. You put some in your hands, smooth it around, wash your hands, and you're done. However, there was no color guide, so completely even coverage involved a bit of guesswork, and I kinda messed it up on day one. The color payoff is really good, so any errors are noticeable. But, the second day, I applied another coat, and that pretty much evened out any errors on the first day. The lotion left my skin "sticky" feeling for quite awhile- I wasn't able to get dressed for quite awhile, and certainly not right after application. Day one application left some definite color, without being too severe.
One thing with lotion is that it's difficult to do the tricky spots- wrists, backs of hands, ankles and feet. I always end up overdoing those places, and my wrists always look terrible with horribly obvious lines. This lotion wasn't any different.
Overall: It's good, and it's easy, it has good color payoff. Would be awesome with a color guide. Fades weirdly.

Self Tan Bronzing Mousse:
This is more difficult to apply. You'll *need* a application mitt. Applying involves wearing the mitt, putting the product on it, and rubbing onto the body bit by bit. You can't do whole limbs at once, you can only do small sections. However, it has a color guide, which ensures even application, no streaking, and makes difficult places much easier. This product dries really fast! I was able to get dressed in less than 5 minutes after application. And, with the color guide, you can go out immediately with great color(if you don't mind the previously mentioned smell) When I rinsed off the color guide, the end color payoff wasn't as dark as the lotion. It's still there, but it's more subtle. I'm sure more applications would darken it up. (I only did one before this review)
Overall: It's harder to apply and takes longer, but the more even results are worth it. Fades normally.

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