Saturday, March 26, 2011

HG and More!

As promised, a brief list of a couple of my HG's. Also.... a couple things that I'm craving right now.


First up- sunscreen. Anyone who knows me knows that my skin has a slightly delicate... temperament. It tends to burn at the slightest provocation from the sun. I did go through a phase of trying to tan, but that also turned to a burn, and the color never held. And so, with all the vampire stuff coming out, and pale rapidly becoming the new "it" skintone, I'm embracing my what I've got. And that means sunscreen. Drugstore sunscreens... they'll work. I've gone through a lot of them. But. They tend to be thick, heavy, greasy, pore clogging monstrosities whose only redeeming quality is their SPF. So, courtesy of reviews at, I decided to go out and try a higher quality brand name sunscreen.

I would like you to meet Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Sunscreen SPF 60+++. Quite a mouthful, huh? Shiseido is a fantastic sunscreen. The formula is thin, and spreads easily. You don't need to use nearly as much as any drugstore brand. It also has cooling properties. When you apply it, if you apply after you've already started to burn, it instantly cools the skin. I remember applying it to myself at a range, and when one of the guys was bitching about the price of it when I told him, I slapped my hand, which still had a bit of sunscreen on it, on the back of his neck. He instantly shut up, and then commented about how just that one area on the back of his neck had stopped burning, whereas the rest of his skin where he had applied a drugstore brand felt like he had applied tanning oil. Shiseido also lasts forever. I can put it on at the beginning of the day, and it will provide protection all day with normal sun exposure. (with extreme exposure, I suggest more applications) Shiseido also lightens my entire skintone slightly, evening out any redness, and smooths the skin out a but, acting almost like a primer. It's never greasy, and after it sinks in and dries within a few minutes of application, you can hardly tell sunscreen was even applied. At 40 dollars a bottle, I will acknowledge that it's expensive- very expensive. But for me, it's perfect, and definitely a 40 dollars that I am willing to part with.


Next up, a bedside lip balm/treatment.

Again, at the suggestion of reviews on makeupalley, I tried out Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm. I was blown away. It smells delicious(but not overwhelming) applies easily, smooths out and softens lips, and soothes any chapping going on. I love it. I would carry it everywhere, but the tin is too large, and the product consistency is very prone to melting. Those flaws don't really make it ideal for a pocket or purse, but as a bedside balm, to apply before sleep, it's amazing and perfect. This product gets a short entry just because it's the simplicity that makes it so great. And the pricetag of 7 dollars is perfectly acceptable. The tin itself is huge and will last quite awhile, even with daily use.


Ok. That's it for HG's for now. I have a lot of products, and a ton of them are fantastical, but they haven't quite made it to HG status like those two have. I do, however, anticipate that a couple of my LUSH products might make the cut soon enough.

Moving on- a couple things I want:

An orange polish. Last year was all about the bright pinks, with some greens and purples and blues thrown in. This year, for the toes, it's all going to be about the oranges. Calypso is a fantastical orange that I think will look great on the toes. I'm probably gonna pick up a bottle within a couple paydays. It's a very bright, airy color, with some sparkles/shimmer which will be incredibly eye grabbing with a pair of sandals or open toe heels.

A lush bath bomb. I think I'll have to actually go to the store to pick one. They do seem a bit expensive for a one time use thing, so I'll be cutting it down to try to get more uses out of it. I've never used a bath bomb, but I do hear great things about them.

and of course.... THE Dress and shoes. *sigh* I'm kinda just eyeballing the sites, and crossing my fingers hoping for a huge sale or something.

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