Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Hope is Not Enough (capsules)

Ok. So I just HAVE to talk about this product. It's amazing. And even though it's expensive as hell, in my opinion, it is WORTH the splurge.

I was at Ft. Bliss shopping with my roommate when she saw these on the sample table and snagged one. She popped the capsule, and squeezed the contents onto her finger. It looked like a little gob of petroleum jelly. Seriously. I didn't believe that philosophy would sell something like that, so I snagged a bit off her finger and rubbed it into the back of my hand. Oh. Em. Gee. It was amazingly moisturizing, soft, and just, awesome. It provided a little shot of moisture to the back of my hand that left me amazed when I touched it. So, I purchased a jar of them.

When Hope is Not Enough Capsules

I've been applying them daily since. I was using them both morning and evening, but have since gone to only morning simply to try and make them last longer. A jar of 60 costs 50 dollars through sephora and 40 through AFFES. But, as I said before, I believe they are worth it.

Each capsule contains enough product to cover the entire face. When applied... it turns the face buttersoft, babybuttsoft, any kind of soft you can think of. The finish feels a little... almost powdery, but it's not. The finish also seems to smooth out skin, working as almost a primer. It gives an instant boost to moisture, while not being overwhelming. There is no crazy shine left behind by this stuff, either.

I daresay... this is quite possibly going to become my very first HG product.

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