Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I got a check back from the company that I was leasing my truck from and I went shopping for some clothes. I hit up American eagle and grabbed a few things.

First, I got the artist jeans that I linked in a previous article that are the exact ones worn in vampire diaries. That link is to a light colored pair- I got one that had a super dark wash on it. They fit awesome and look great.

Then I grabbed a couple camisole tanks that were on sale, one in a purple wine color and the other in a dark blue.

Lastly, I grabbed a really cute sweater that looked like an awesome dupe to one I had seen worn in the vampire diaries. (I went and rechecked the scene and it's not an exact dupe, but I still think its great, so I'm going to be keeping it) The sweater is in the same purple wine color and is just awesome.

I wish they had more colors in the camisole's and had some long sleeve v-neck shirts, but I'm satisfied with what I got. I think I'll be hitting up forever21's site for some basics later.

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