Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More things to buy

So first of all- I checked the page of the lady who made my Elena necklace to see if she's offering a Caroline ring. No she's not, but when I e-mailed her she said that she was totally willing to do a custom order. It's a bit expensive, but if the ring is made to the same standards as the necklace, then it would be totally worth it. I'm still thinking about it.

Moving on. I'm adding some more things to my my list of clothes to buy. These ones are gonna be mostly duplicates of the originals that will be much cheaper.

First up- A ribbed lace tank. I found a perfectly acceptable dupe on sale at Macy's. The color selection leaves something to be desired, though.

There is another one, essentially the same item, at blue canoe. The color selection is much better, but the shirt is more expensive- 17.00.

I found a semi-acceptable alternative for Elena's denim jacket. However, it doesn't appear to fit as well as the original, but it is only 70.00.

Another possible alternative to that denim jacket is this one from Levi. It appears to fit better and is less, but it is a cropped version. (A re-examination of photo's shows that Elena's jacket also appears to be cropped, making this the better alternative) At only 42.00:

This one isn't a dupe, it's the actual item she wears in the show. Lemme tell you, it sure is nice to find something that the average person can afford. At 40.00, the american eagle jeans she's wearing in a episode at the beginning of S2:

There is also a slightly worn version that is supercute. They're not what she's wearing, but I personally love them and would consider them over what she's wearing, even thought they're ten dollars more.

I saved the most expensive for last. Unfortunately, any leather jacket is going to be expensive, but I do not feel like dropping 600 for a piece of clothing. And I won't. I did find an alternative for Elena's leather jacket- This is a pretty nice similar jacket. You can pay 240 for a black version, or 143 for a faded black version. The sleeves are longer, but that's acceptable.

Aaannndd... that's gonna be all for now. I'm still looking for an acceptable dupe of the purse from my last post, but I'm afraid that I might have to shell out the full price for it if I really want it.

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