Friday, November 12, 2010

KG by Kurt Geiger Emiline Pumps

I don't often wear shoes like this, but I really like these, and,  if the appropiate setting presenting itself, could definitely see myself in them.

It's a great little pump, with soft material, sexy curves and a metal embelishment on the heel. It's for sale for 79(euro) on Kurt Geiger's website. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, they are sold out.

The next shoe isn't an exact dupe, but it appears exceptionally close. The heel is different, and so is the price.

This shoe is available from for 89.00. You'll notice that it has the same thick sole as the original. It is lacking the metal embellishment on the heel, but that's ok to me.

An acceptable alternative to the shoe at left is this one. for 85.00. The heel is more matte.

Edit to add:

This link was brought to my attention. It's essentially the same shoe, but for sale stateside, and actually available on their website.

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