Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sephora package

Ok, so my package from sephora finally arrived. They ship by usps and I guess they take longer than normal. Anyways. It arrived!

Inside was the sunscreen, some sunless tanner that had pretty good reveiws, and three samples.
Just as a note- sephora Always sends samples with Every order! They've got a page of like, 15 random samples, and you get to choose 3 of them when you place your order. No extra charge or anything.

I have tested out the sunscreen, and here's my initian review: It comes in a really cute bottle with a snap top. The bottle seems a bit small at first, but once I opened it and saw the texture I realized that this should last me a really long time. The texture is very thin, esp for a spf of 60. The thin texture is pretty nice for spreading. It does feel a little "powdery" as it dries, but not in an unpleasant way. The powder feel does Not turn into a powder look, it just feels a little powdery to my hands. There is absolutely No sheen to this sunscreen, its not shiney or greasy or wet when it dries. It does smell. Not like sunscreen either. Its a lot more of a perfume smell.
Now, I know that shiseido claims that you need to get their special face wash to remove this(it is VERY water resistant) but I didn't order it because I figured it was a gimmick. And I was right. It came off of a test patch on my arm with just my regular face wash.

Next item is the sunless tanner. That I have not tested yet because I had read reviews stating that it had a really string smell and I am at work. I'll be trying it this weekend and I'll put an update here.

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  1. lol I love how you had wow on in the background.... also I don't understand a single thing you're talking about in this blog... x_X