Monday, March 1, 2010

New product, and sunless tanner review

So I tried out the snless tanner. Uhm.... not bad, I guess. The first few things you're gonna notice when you open it is this: it smells, it's REALLY thin and runny, and it's shimmery.

Now, the smell isn't entirely unpleasant. I personally love coconut smell. Anywho. it starts out smelling really yummy and coconutty and whatnot. But I put it on, let it dry, and then went to sleep. When I woke up it did NOT smell coconutty, not at all. It smelled.... kindof like my skin smelt after putting on that tanning stuff and then getting on the tanning bad for 15 minutes. A little like.... well, burnt skin. The thin runny consistency isn't too bad. However, it does sink in a dry like, crazy fast. Way faster than normal drugstore tanning lotions(I'm thinking jergens) It doesn't leave any "lotion" texture, any slickness, any stickiness. None of that nonsense. It sinks in and then the only texture there is, is your natural skin. I love that. Because it sinks in so fast, only work on my section of the body at a time. be sure to spread it out and rub it in quickly. On to... the shimmer. I've never had a shimmer in my sunless tanner before, so seeing it on the palms of my hands was... quite a shock. Rest assured, the shimmer on your body is not as scary as the shimmer on the palms of your hands. On the palms of your hands it's scary and shimmery and really really shimmery. Once you spread it out on your body, the shimmer is noticable only as that "glow" that you see on the tanned legs of Victoria's Secret models. After putting in on everywhere and checking myself out(I did. many times. from different angles) I gotta say that I LOVE the shimmer. It's just... perfect. Longevity of the tan.... uhm. Well. it's a gradual tanner. I only used it for the one day, but I believe I did see a bit of coloration after I had rinsed the product off(about 12 hours later) it didn't really last long, but one application isn't meant to. Will definately be using again. Unknown if I'll purchase again. I'll have to see how the rest of the bottle turns out.


Ok. As for what I got. I got a blush. I'm not really big on blushes cause to me, some of them are scary. But, I've seen a lot of reviews and heard that this one turns up very nice and natural, especially on fair skinned people, like me. So i got a box of benefit Sugarbomb, and am going to try it out. The box is cute, it comes with a little brush, and has a totally minimal amount of shimmer. It does have a scent, but it smells like.... roses. Not unpleasant.

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