Monday, November 22, 2010

Apartment Furnishings

Furnishing an apartment is freekin expensive! Especially if you have to do it all at once. Shopping around, I have found a few items that I like for their astetics(is that the right word) and their prices are.... I guess, what is to be expected. Overall, I want a dark wood scheme. Elegant- with nice, clean lines.

First and foremost, what people will see when they come in and will possibly spend at least 50% of their time in my place around- the dining table. Having a massive family, I'll need something that can seat a few if, god forbid, they ALL decide to drop by. I found this set for 595.00. It comes with a decent sized table, five chairs, and a bench. It fits with the color scheme I want. The chairs and bench are padded with leather(real, fake? I dunno) which I think might not be hte most comfortable, but it does look good.

Next, is a sofa. I want something that can yank out and function as a bed, as well. Again, forseeing the family visiting. I also want it to be comfortable. I don't want one of those little slats and a matress futon's. I want a full on sofa- something for three or more people to plunk down on/in front of and be comfortable on, something that you can sit down and settle into and be like "ooooohhhhhhh, Yeah!" Unfortunately.... Sleeper sofa's appear to be incredibly expensive. So this will possibly be one of the last items that I pick up to furnish my place. Ya'll can sleep on the floor.

Moving on: my room. Lemme let you in on something. I have been sleeping on other people's uncomfortable beds the whole time I've been in the army. It sucks. I get issued a room, it comes with a bed, that's what I've got. I definately will not be getting, for my place, a bed that has been used. And I definately will be getting one that is comfortable. Like sinking into a massive cloud of down feathers. But that's just the mattress, I suppose. The frame can be whatever. I found this one that is intriging. Simple, clean, has a little bit of interest with those squares at the top.  Selling for a mere 195.00. Close to the same colors at the dining room set. But that doesn't matter, since it will be in the bedroom.

Beyond those basics, the rest I can let myself go to Ikea and get. or wal-mart. Whatever. Nightstands, End tables, Dressers(well, I might want the dressers to be good quality) desks, etc. So long as the base pieces are good quality, I can take my time finding decent "accessories."

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