Sunday, March 28, 2010

ordered more brushes

I ordered some more brushes. One of them is susposed to be really good for powder foundation. The others are for eyeshadows, and I can never have enough of those. Hmmmm.... I also need to invest in some brushcleaner. Or maybe just a gentle facewash to dedicate to the brushes. I think I'll go with the facewash, because it's cheaper and will work just as well.

I'm also going to be getting another caontainer for my makeup. The display box was just WAY smaller than what I envisioned, and it doesn't hold my makeup very well. I had to stash some somewhere else in order to display my commonly used stuff... Now I can't find the stuff I stashed. That's actually bugging me today, because I wanted to use one of those stashed things today. I just cannot remember where I stashed everything.

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