Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunger Games nail polish

I'm back! It has been literally.... months and months since my last post. Got busy, got broke, etc. Hopefully, this time around, I'll be able to keep up with my posting.

To start off: My latest purchase- The Hunger Games nail polish collection from ChinaGlaze. I saw the movie preview, then read the books, and then stumbled across the collection online and was blown away. All Lacquered Up has an excellent post with amazing photographs and swatches, and after looking through that I was convinced.

I googled. Most places were fairly expensive, with the entire collection running 60-80. That was pre-release. Post-release might be less now. Anyways, I found a place that sold me two sets for a total of 84- bigdaddybeauty.com. I'm thinking I might give away the second set, contests or giveaways. They had an awesome coupon that let me get another collection of polish, and brought the grand total down to only 80. Talk about awesome!

Hunger Games collection

And here's the other collection I got: A bunch of neon, slightly sparkly colors that smell yummy.

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  1. Gotta get my hands on those polishes, I am loving all things hunger games!