Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LUSH - Continued

ok, so I used everything else (except for the shampoo) this morning and am ready to provide an initial review.

First up-


This is an exfoliant and a moisturizer. I used it as the very last item in my shower regime this morning. I started by rubbing it on my skin, then slowed down. When it says it exfoliates, it means it. I doubt there is actual glass in the bar, but wow. It's very rough. I suggest doing a light sweep over limbs, then rubbing the resulting moisturizer and exfoliating goodies all over with your hands. Be... gentle. Moving on. After the shower, I was left very soft. Very, very soft. It's awesome. And my trouble spot with dryness- my tat on my arm, is soft and moisturized. It's awesome. I'll update after work when I see if it lasted.

American Cream

Uhm. Honestly, I'm not too impressed. I'll give this a couple more tries, but like I said- not impressed. My hair is a bit easier to manage, but not by a large amount. There's not as much of a yummy smell as I was expecting- more a dusty vanilla than anything. I'm really just meh about this product.


I'm gonna take a moment and talk about Ultra Bland some more. I used it again this morning. I had a MASSIVE hormonal acne cyst on my forehead. massive, red, inflamed, GROSS. After using Ultrabland the first time, it went down CONSIDERABLY. I was shocked. I used it again this morning and let me tell you, it's looking even better. Now it's just down to a regular size. Inflammation is completely gone. Redness is down. The only noticeable bit about it now is a little scab where I picked a bit(I know, I know, not supposed to do that)

If this cleanser continues to perform like this, and manages to prevent my from even getting any hormonal acne next time, this is going to become my holy grail product.

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