Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

When I first heard about eyelash serums.... designed to help eyelashes grow longer, thicker, stronger, I was a bit skeptical. Like, seriously skeptical. Some have reports of seriously harmful side effects, some need a doctors prescription to even get ahold of, and some require that you shell out a few hundred for the product.

I finally went out and bought L'Oreal's Lash Serum. I totally... did NOT like it. It was goopy, had a really weird applicator, was goopy, weighed down my eyelashes, and was goopy, leaving a oddball residue when it finally dried. It smells a little like glue, too. I totally did not like it. I really don't even know why I still have it. I used it a couple times, then left off. I know with those things, you have to stick with the program to see results, but I was not feeling it at all.

Moving on.

I heard about Dior's serum. It sounded promising. It got REALLY GOOD reviews. It was more expensive than the other one I had tried, but based on reviews, I decided to order it and give it a shot.

I have had it for only two days... and I am already in love. The applicator is just like any other mascara wand, with little bristles and everything, so you can coat every eyelash down to the root. The formula isn't goopy at all. It glides on evenly, and "dry". Eyelashes don't get weighed down, they get separated. Even better, this serum doubles as a primer, making lashes longer for when you apply a coat of whatever mascara you want. The formula is white, but it dries to a clear, although you can still see a... ghostlike whiteness at the very tips when it's dried. But since you're putting black or brown over it... *shrug*

Immediate results- lashes that are separated, fanned out, longer. It dries, but doesn't leave lashes crunchy or crinkly. If you rub your eyelashes afterwards, no weird residue comes off on your fingers. It stays on your lashes till a wash.

Longterm results- I'll post those after a month or so of using it everyday.

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