Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My new lippies- Initial impressions

Ok, so I just got my package of lip goodies, and am gonna make a post on my initial impressions, because I don't really have time to use and write individual reviews on each item right now.

Here's what I ordered(in not particular order)

My initial impressions are going to be of the packaging and smells.  The LipFusion has very nice packaging, a metal tube that I won't have to worry about opening on its own- it has a cap that needs to screw off. The Dior has *very* nice packaging- it's very pretty and feminine. The Buxom packaging feels very cheap in my hands, being made almost entirely out of plastic. But! It does have a saving feature- a small mirror in the cap.  Rosebud has a simple metal tin.

As far as smells, the Rosebud came out on top- it smells amazing! Buxom comes next; it's got a very unique vanilla-coco smell that I really like. The Dior balm came in absolutely last- it's got a very "old lady flower perfume" smell to it which I just don't like. I'll try it out, but unless it does something amazing for my lips, I'll be swapping it out. The LipFusion doesn't really seem to have a smell.

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