Monday, May 10, 2010


Wow. I saw a review on one of their products and tottered on over to the website. Best thing about it? You can order JUST SAMPLES. That's right- you can go through EVERYTHING in their inventory, and order just a sample of whatever you want. I ordered some eyeshadow samples, and am pretty impressed.

They individually package your samples, put all of them in a nice little baggie, then wrap it in some cute tissue paper and sent it to you. Even better was the personalized touch on the order form with my samples- handwritten "Thank you katherine!". Not that much seemingly, but it shows me that they take their time with their products and treat each person as an individual, instead of just turning all their customers into "the Borg"

Shipping was incredibly fast as well, even without any special shipping picked. I got my samples in three business days.

But wait! there's more! The samples are pretty decent sized. When you consider the miniscule amount of eyeshadow it takes to do a lid, and compare it to the one dollar sample, you're getting quite a bit of product. My estimation, if I used only one sample to do both my lids, I could do my eyes for two weeks to a month based on the sample size.

I did do my eyes today with the samples I got, and am pretty impressed with the eyeshadow quality. Beyond quality, they have an incredibly impressive amount of variety. Like, really. It blew my mind. Go to the eyeshadow page, and choose the "pick your free samples" link. The page it takes you two is a list (with pictures!) of all of their eyeshadows. It's not a short list. Speaking of free samples- with every order, you can choose three free eyeshadow samples.

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